Saturday, September 04, 2004

Children's Peace Quotes

During the International Year for the Culture of Peace (2000) the United Nations Assembly declared 2001-2010 an 'International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World.' To demonstrate unity with this declaration students at a school in Tennessee invited two line contributions about peace from school children from around the world for an ongoing poem about peace called Peace Talk.

Peace Talk 2001-2002
for all those touched by the tragedy of 9/11. Most of the verses are from school children in the USA and Australia.

Peace is a puzzle waiting to be solved,
Peace is a story waiting to be told.

Peace is a locked door, never knowing what's inside.
Peace is a smile in a world full of frowns.

Peace is a person who gets involved,
Peace is a place where no war will be held.

Peace is a shirt that is waiting to be worn,
Peace is the key to unlock every door.

Peace is harmony and love to share,
Through this tragedy that is hard to bear.

Peace is a truly beautiful thing,
Just like a blooming flower in spring.

Peace is a puzzle missing a piece,
That picture will form when our differences cease.

Peace is a gift to God,
Peace is for love.

Peace is a key to a calmer world,
Peace is a friendship that must be passed on.

Peace is a family who loves and cares,
Peace is smiles and smiles everywhere.

Peace is like loving hearts that come together,
Peace is like a key to a world without war.

Peace is pure kindness and being nice,
Peace is friendliness and a sign of love.

Peace is love waiting to be shared
Peace is people hand in hand, closer to God.

Peace is freedom and kindness waiting to be used,
Peace is helping someone who is confused.

What we witnessed was real,
Nowe all need time to heal.

Peace is a star trying to shine.
Peace is a shadow trying not to hide.

Peace is something that unites us together.
Peace is happiness that we hold in our hearts forever.

Peace is like a hand reaching out to touch.
Peace is like a warm hug showing you love so much.

Peace is about joy and frienship.
Peace helps the world to be a better place.

When I step outside, I see a world filled with excitement. I wish it was peaceful.
Peace mens love, peace cannot hurt.

Peace is a never ending chain of love, joy and happiness.
For peace you need an open heart and a forgiving mind.

Peace means happiness with nonviolence or hatred.
Without peace innocent lives will be destroyed.

World peace is what everyone needs,
Then we would see that nobody is better and that no country needs.

In a world full of iron, peace is gold.
Peace is the warmth in a land full of cold.

Peace is a legend from a far off place.
Peace is a book waiting to be read.

Peace is a person proud and tall.
War shut it out - now there's no peace at all.

Come un albero nella cattiva stagione perde le foglie e diventa spoglio,
Cosi' il mondo perde I suioi figli con la guerra.
(As a tre in the bad season loses its leaves and becomes bare,
Then the world loses its children with the war.)


I invite everyone to contribute to a Peace Talk for the children of Breslan.


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